Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just divorced?

Get used to being suave and sassy around new people

Your friends have been telling you to start looking for another partner, no one wants to go it alone, they say.

But before you do that, the first thing to do is to know exactly what you want – is it a fling, or something more serious? For starters, you can go out with friends, join dating websites or look around at your workplace, for, everyone starts somewhere.

You never know what might just click for you. There are many good people out there, who too, are looking for good partners like you, who want to make a success of a relationship.

Get used to being suave and sassy around new people. Start making new friends and hanging out in groups, and make sure you turn on that charm. And, you need to smile more often.

Find your single pals and move around with them. If you want something serious don’t go for the friend who hangs around with anyone and everyone – for, you don’t want to be clubbed as one who’s not serious about relationships.

Sometimes, even advertising can work. There are many out there who’ve found good partners through ads. Stop hiding the fact that you’re divorced, people around must know that you are now single, so matchmakers can spring into action. The more people who know about this, the more prospects you will have.

You need to start dressing for yourself. If you feel good and look good this will register with the people you’re trying to impress. Show off, take that extra few minutes in the morning and put on a little makeup and dress to impress.

But, remember to take it easy – just because you have a date does not mean that you have to get married. Go slow and explore, and have some fun as you go along.

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