Tuesday, September 05, 2006

True Relationship!

Speaking without Bluffness,
Luv without Intentions,
Caring with out Expectations,
Praying Without Selfishness
is the Sign of 'True Relationship'.

Relationship is not Collection of Heart,
But its Selection of Hearts.
All Relations are not True,
But True Relations are Very Few

Where Does Your Relationship Stand at?

Have a Evaluation done at the earliest before Things are too Worse to be Rectified.

Thought for the life Time!

"Luv a Fool/Let a Fool Luv U". But,
Never Let a Luv Fool U!

"Holding on to Anger is like Grasping
Hot Coal with the intention of
throwing it at Some else;
You are the one getting Burnt First".

"Friendship is not finding Gold or Silver among the Rocks of Life.
It is Accepting each other as coal till Diamods are Fromed through Time".

"Every thing is fair in Luv & War.
Wage War, But Never Luv.
In War, Either U Win or Die.
In Luv,U Neither Win nor Die".


The Permanent Temptation of life is to confuse Dreams with Reality. But,
The Permanent Defeat of life comes when we surrender our Dreams to Reality!

Is it Wrong to Dream!
Should we follow reality or our Dream!

Think Again! IT is High Time Now.
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