Friday, June 03, 2011

One More Specimen in my Life

This happened in 2004 when I was doing my 2nd year Mechanical Engineering. My wealthy room-mate from a conservative family based out of a small town got admission to the same course by 'donating' X Lakhs.

I took him along to buy couple of Auto-Magazines.
Him: Are you going to read this book or glance only the pics.
Me: 'Hitting my Head'!

After some days, he comes to me and says that his dad has decided to buy another 'car' for the family and left the choice to him. I suggested him Me: You already have a small-car(2 yr old Zen) and a Sedan(Ikon), so go for Scorpio or Safari
Him: We are only 4 in the family so why a big car
Me: Your sis is getting married in couple of months and it would be really useful that time
Him: In such cases, we will take two cars
Me: You already have 'cars', go for 'SUVs', The middle row will give you the SOFA comfort
He calls up his dad immediately, and tries to console him on the Scorpio repeating the same words I had told him and gets his reply. He turns to me while his dad is on the phone
Him: My Dad is saying, If you want to sit in a Sofa-sit on it while at home, why on the car?
Me: Do you want AC in your car?
Him: Mmmm..Yes Of course
Me: Why do you want AC in your car if you have it at your home.
His Dad heard it via the Phone. I disappeared immediately and he had a nice lecture about the kind of friends he has made.

- Ranganathan-
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