Saturday, February 26, 2011

O Sai Baba Mere by Suresh Wadkar and Shradha Bandodhkar

Aum Sai Ram

Today we have posted yet another Album "O Sai Baba Mere" sung by Sri Suresh Wadkar & Shradha Bandodhkar. We had previous Posted the Album Sai Charit Manas sung by Sri Suresh Wadkar which told us about the Complete Life of Sai Baba in the Bhajan Format.

Today's Album is a collection of Bhajans sung by the Singer & it is really very pleasant to here to the voice of Sri Suresh Wadkar.

Play List:
1.Mere Manawa Tu Bhole Sai Naam.
2.Sai Sumiran Karna Pyare.
3.Jo Bhi Aaya Dwar Tihare.
4.Jeevan Beet Gaya.
5.O Sai Baba Mere.
6.Sai Deva Aaya Hoon Charno Mein Tere Deva.
7.Man Main Umang Leke Aayi Teri Sharan.
8.Sachhidanand Sadguru - Guru Nath Guru Swami.

To Download this album click below:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

SIDE EFFECTS of working in the IT sector


I once left home to go to the market wearing my ID card
and did not realize till my friend asked me why I was wearing it !!!!



Once I was flashing my ID card instead of unlocking the house door with keys.



Few days back  I slept at 12:00 in the night and woke up in the morning
at 7:00 and suddenly thought that I haven't completed 8 hours and
laughed at myself when I realized that I am at home.



Just after our training completion in Mysore and posting to Pune,
me and my friends went out for dinner in one of the best restaurants. .
And as I finished.. I started walking towards the wash basin with Plates in my hand..


Once I was on call with my father and mom was not around.
I went on to ask, "Why is she not attending the status call?"


I don't login to orkut, yahoo, gmail, youtube, etc..
at my personal internet connection at home...
thinking it will be blocked any way.
Till I realize - I am at home.


Yeah sometimes it do happens with me also.
keeping hands in front of tap for waiting
water to drop by itself is very frequent with me.
I just forget that we have to turn on and off the tap....


Once after talking to one of my friends
I ended the conversation saying,
" Ok case of any issues will call u back"


Sometimes when I mistakenly delete a message
from my mobile, I hope for a second, maybe it’s in the recycle bin


Nisha’s Lover

I gave my office mail id and password to access Gmail and
wondered when they became invalid???



Once I went to a pharmacy n asked for a tab....
pharmacist asked whether I want 250mg or 500mg.....
I replied 256mb....thank god he didn't notice.


Me getting a thought of doing an Alt+Tab while switching
from a news channel to the DVD while watching TV.


And I - after a forty hour marathon in Bhubaneshwar with Powerbuilder, decided to take a break and went to a movie. In the middle of the movie, when I wanted to check the time, I kept repeatedly glancing at the bottom right corner of the theatre screen!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sai Charit Manas by Sri Suresh Wadkar

Aum Sai Ram

Today we are posting the Album Sai Charit Manas rendered by Sri Suresh Wadkar. This is a very famous Album which describes the life of Shirdi Sai Baba in the form of poem/doha. All the 52 chapters of Sai Satcharita have been nicely described in the 30 min play back.

It is in the lines of Ram Charita Manas & has been well sung by Sri Suresh Wadkar. The Album begins with a prayer to Sri Gayathri. Then the 11 Assurance of Shirdi Sai Baba are sung to remind us of all the words that Baba said. Then the Actual Sai Charita Manas describing his complete Life is rendered. Sai charit Manas ends with a Sai Aarti & Sai Dhyan.

I ask Sai Devotees to Kindly download the Album. Listen to the Sai Charit Manas & get the blessing of Sri Sai Baba. Listening to this Sai Charit Manas is equivalent to reading the complete Sai Satcharita & it again helps us to remember all the important points written in Sai Satcharita.

Play List
1. Sai Gayathri(04:03)
2. Gyarah Vachan(02:53)
3. Sai Charit Manas(29:02)
4. Sai Aarti(06:06)
5. Sai Dhya(03:48)

To Download this album click below:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Teen Lok Ka Swami Sai - Devotional Album By Sri Pramod Medhi

Aum Sai Ram

Today we are posting the 2nd Album Teen Lok Ka Swami Sai sung by Sri Pramod Medhi. Previously the first album Sai Ke Charno Mein Sung by Sri Pramod Medhi was posted here. I hope Sai Devotees have got benefited by downloading the Devotional Bhajans previously posted in this blog. Do visit us regularly to get more Sai Baba Bhajan Album.

There are again 8 Songs in this Album beautifully rendered by Sri Pramod Medhi. As we know that Sri Pramod Medhi is the Official Temple Aarti Singer at Shirdi Sai Sansthan, Shirdi. He also performs Bhajan Sandhya at various places in & around India & foreign Countries. This complete set of Bhajan Album is very melodious & brings upon peace to the listeners.

To Download this album click below:
Teen Lok Ka Swami Sai by Sri Pramod Medhi

Play List
01. Teen Lok Ka Swami Sai
02.Shirdi Mein Ek Fakir Aaya Ha
03.Gatha Sunau Shirdi Ke Sarkar K
04.Tu Hi Tu Bas Tu Hi
05.Jab Koi Nahin Aata Mere Sai Aate Hai
06.Sai Ki Nikli Sawari
07.Jab Bhi Mujhko Yaad Karoge
08.Shirdi Chod Ke Wapas Jab Main

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sai Bigdi Sabki Saware (Amrit Katha) by Sri Udit Narayan

Aum Sai Ram

Today we are posting the Album Sai Bigdi Sabki Saware (Amrit Katha) by Sri Udit Narayan. There are 11 Songs in this Album which are in the form of a Amrit Katha & it surely brings about Peace & Happiness to one & all. This Album is like a Small prose with Songs & it is truely different.

Do Download the Album & get blessed by Shirdi Sai Baba.

To Download this album click below:
Sai Bigdi Sabki Saware by Sri Udit Narayan

Play List
01.Tu Bigdi Sabki Saware 1
02.Angrej Paadri Ki Katha
03.Dhanwan Ki Katha
04.Munim Laxmichand Ki Katha
05.Tu Bigdi Sabki Saware 2
06.Tu Bigdi Sabki Saware 3
07.Charandas Ki Katha
08.Rangrej Ki Katha
09.Sai Bhagat Ki Katha
10.Chor Ki Katha
11.Tu Bigdi Sabki Saware 4

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Antha Sai - Telugu Devotional Album

Aum Sai Ram.

To Download this Album visit below:
Antha Sai - Telugu Devotional Album

"Antha Sai" is a tribute to our spiritual Father (Baba) and Guru - Shirdi Sai Baba, who taught us how to focus, to persevere, to remain effective and to never ever give up on looking inward.

One of the greatest Sufi Saints to ever walk the face of the earth, Sai baba, helped his followers understand that there are grey levels between complete consciousness and death and that a true spiritual journey involves abnegation of attachment to any popular religion or faith, simply because each individual is different from the other. He was probably one of those rare gems that could not be classified to this date as either a Hindu or a muslim. He is a miracle of his own right and his life story is a living testament to his beliefs. Few people would believe, in years, that such a man even walked of the face of this earth. Sai baba, as a Guru, remained in his rags and begged on the streets and cooked for people in his Masjid and, at no point, could be doubted for his unique journey of understanding and delivering spiritual wisdom to people of all walks and faiths of humanity.

To Download this Album visit below:
Antha Sai - Telugu Devotional Album

Album Playlist

Slokam - Sada Nimba (1:31)
Gaganana Tholi Velugu (5:19)
Antha Sai Mayam (5:50)
Dhyaname (5:37)
Gajjala Ghallu (5:37)
Shiridi Puramuna (5:13)
Mahadeva (7:41)
Nirguna Nirmala (5:25)
Shradha Saburi (5:11)

Lyrics in Telugu

02. Gaganana Tholi Velugu
03. Antha Sai Mayam

04. Dhyaname Guru Dakshinai
05. Gajjela Gallu06. Shiridi Puramuna

07. Mahadeva
08. Nirguna Nirmala

09. Shradha Saburi

To Download this Album visit below:
Antha Sai - Telugu Devotional Album
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