Saturday, October 28, 2006


" Being Happy Doesn't Mean Every Thing is Perfect.........
It Just Means tht U Have Decided to see Every Thing Beyond The Imperfection"

I'm not a Perfectionist.
So Think Wht U'r??????

Always Doing things to Perfection Doesn't mean you r nearer to your Goal.
Aim at Your Goal & Make Sure all Roads lead to Tht. whether Perfect or imperfect!

Waves Of Life!

Waves are Inspiring, not B'coz they Rise & Fall,
But B'coz each Time they Fall, They Never Fail to Rise Again.

Life is a Wave to Lead forward, but don't makes Waves to Lead your Life!
Life will Be Miserable!

Right Action at the Right Time is Wht Waves Teach. Learn to Rise like a Wave not to Fall Like it.
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