Wednesday, August 02, 2006

When Will You Miss A Person the Most?

The Most You can miss a Person is:

When you sit besides that Person You Like The Most & You know that you can't have that Person in U'r Life!

What is True Luv???

What is True Luv?
Its when you hide tears & still care for her.
Its when she ignores you & you still luv her.
Its when she begins to Luv another & you still smile at her.
Its when she doesn't care if you existed & you still can't forget her.
Its when you know she is the 1 for you, no matter wht others say.
Its when you Luv her beyond Reason.

Luv has its reason,but the reason is unknown.

Do you have to Luv for this???
Think again???

I wud have commited a sin of killing & dieing my self if i were there.
Wht abt you?

Think Agian.
Luv is not a game to jus play & leave the field when u r lost. it is a sweet responsibility.
See if u can take tht Responsibility & then Start Loving some one you want.

This applies to Gals also.
Don't give all your things to a stranger & then get tied with the consequences.
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