Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sai Bigdi Sabki Saware (Amrit Katha) by Sri Udit Narayan

Aum Sai Ram

Today we are posting the Album Sai Bigdi Sabki Saware (Amrit Katha) by Sri Udit Narayan. There are 11 Songs in this Album which are in the form of a Amrit Katha & it surely brings about Peace & Happiness to one & all. This Album is like a Small prose with Songs & it is truely different.

Do Download the Album & get blessed by Shirdi Sai Baba.

To Download this album click below:
Sai Bigdi Sabki Saware by Sri Udit Narayan

Play List
01.Tu Bigdi Sabki Saware 1
02.Angrej Paadri Ki Katha
03.Dhanwan Ki Katha
04.Munim Laxmichand Ki Katha
05.Tu Bigdi Sabki Saware 2
06.Tu Bigdi Sabki Saware 3
07.Charandas Ki Katha
08.Rangrej Ki Katha
09.Sai Bhagat Ki Katha
10.Chor Ki Katha
11.Tu Bigdi Sabki Saware 4

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