Thursday, June 12, 2008

Apply ice to relieve back pain

Use a commercial ice pack or make your own with ice cubes. Take a clean cloth and place the cubes or ice pack inside it. Secure the cloth and it’s ready for use.

Position the ice on your back. Either hold the ice on the spot or prop the ice so that it stays directly on it without moving. It may be easier to prop the ice if you lay on your stomach.

Leave the ice on your back for 20 minutes. You can cause additional damage if you leave it on the injury longer.

Wait an hour and reapply again, if necessary. If you plan to use ice as your course of treatment for the back pain, then you’ll want to repeat the process over the next two days. Take an hour break between icing periods and then reapply.

Remember, you should ice your back only for the first 48 hours following an injury. If you still feel discomfort after this period, consider heating options to find some relief.

If the ice pack feels too cold on your back, you can moisten the cloth in lukewarm water to ease your discomfort.

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