Saturday, June 21, 2008

Don't say the C-word

From trips down the red carpet with his (now ex) girlfriend to making statements about being ready for parenthood, George Clooney seemed all set to give up his bachelor status.

But, just when the world thought Sarah Larson would finally get Clooney down the aisle, the two headed for splitsville, with the Hollywood heartthrob saying he was relieved it’s over. Apparently, the world’s sexiest man just didn’t want to be tied down.

“Shying away from commitment in terms of a relationship, is more an issue with the West,” feels actor Sammir Dattani. “It’s got to do with our conditioning. Commitment and family are values instilled in us. So, getting into a long-term relationship comes much easier to us,” he says.

Though Sammir claims he hasn’t had an issue with commitment with the people he’s been involved with, actor Ashmit Patel does believe men can be fickle-minded and indecisive in relationships. “I have seen many of my friends grapple with whether to go the whole hog or not when they are in a relationship. I’d say it is more to do with a man’s inherent quality of wanting to sow his seed wherever possible. After all, variety is the spice of life,” says Ashmit.

Model Karan Rao, however, refuses to call the reluctance to commit a phobia. “The moment you call it a phobia, it becomes a problem and it’s not,” he avers. Karan believes that for any kind of relationship to work, there should be some level of commitment. “People get together because they like spending time with each other. The comfort and compatibility quotient also comes into play. But then, sometimes, things don’t work out. You can’t be forced into a commitment once a problem crops up,” says Karan, who claims he won’t shy away from settling down.

But, confirmed bachelor Chippy Gangjee, a noted artist, says that if there is even a hint of incompatibility, the couple should be frank and speak about it. So also, if you’re not looking at a long-term relationship and just want some fun. “You can’t keep someone wondering indefinitely about whether you’ll ever pop the question,” he says.

But, does a man have an obligation to settle down? Sammir doesn’t think so. “Gone are the days when settling down was a moral obligation to the family and society. Today, it is a very personal choice. For me, settling down and having a family is important. Maybe not now, but it is definitely on,” he winds up.

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