Friday, July 18, 2008

Some guidelines for homes

Constructing a house based on Vaastu specifications is not the only criterion for positive energy or positive vibrations. You also need to follow some rules on cleanliness to experience the effects of positive energy.

Here are some guidelines:
It is not advisable to keep a churner directly on the floor.

Sweeping or swabbing the house in the evening i.e. at sunset is not recommended. If this is done, do not throw the rubbish outside till the next morning.

Keeping water jugs near the telephone can create a negative effect on the water.

Swastika or Om symbols on the door are very beneficial. They give immense
strength to the inmates.
Make sure that the doors of the house are not blocked by a bed, furniture, shelf etc.

Even if you don't have a pooja room to meditate in, you should still do it. This can be done by sitting in the north, north-east, or Brahmasthana. It gives immense strength throughout the day.

The chest or drawers for valuables should either face the east or north and never south or west.

It is not preferable to bring office work to the house. But if it is unavoidable, don't bring it to the bedroom, since this brings in tension and stress which is not a positive sign.

Always keep the corners of the house and the rooms clean and well-lit and not dark and dingy.

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