Friday, July 18, 2008

Planters to adorn interiors

Plant-holders indoors lend an aesthetic and elegant touch to spaces.

Plants bring in freshness and vitality to spaces. They are easily available and viable options for decorating your home. Even a few potted palms can brighten up a space in your home. Plants are natural and make for lively home decor. They have the ability to fit in with your home decor whatever the colour scheme, since they come in a variety of sizes and colours. Just like you have vases for cut and dried flowers, it is essential to have a variety of indoor planters to give the plants and this form of decor an aesthetic value.

Indoor planters take on the same sort of shapes that you expect to find in the garden, but, unless you have a spacious home, they need to be small. The advantage indoors, though, is that you do not have to worry about weathering, so you can have more variety in the materials used to make the planters.

The planters in this material make the setting look dramatic and antique. Wrought iron planters also look trendy. These circular planters come on top of an elegant stand, or
nately made with a lot of curves that are usually possible with metal or wrought iron. The plant holders can also have a shelf underneath where you can place some small pots for extra dimension. You can have it painted in red, black, green, and white too.


This style is suitable for planters kept indoors and not outdoors. Italian ceramic planters look good when placed in corners of the living room or along the staircase. They give the interiors a sophisticated look and have to be dealt with utmost care.


Since wicker can withstand all weather conditions, you could even use them in your patio and balcony. They give your home a simple yet elegant look. With its curved legs, edges, and fluted oval basket which create an exotic, tropical look, the wicker plant holder has a simple pedestal on which you can keep your pot. This planter, with features and accents, is an elegant stand for your potted plants.


This beautiful lustrous stone is a luxury for use in interior design. Each piece of marble unique in its pattern, and it does polish beautifully smooth. Marble can be used for stylish and elegant plant stands too. Marble, when used as a surface, can be used for plant stands. Wooden legs with a marble top can make quite a stunning combination, bringing a touch of luxury to your home. Place crocheted linen on the marble top and then put your pot on it to bring out the full effect of the marble.


Wood serves as an ideal plantholder. The colour tone of the wood chosen for the stand is important, especially if the plant stand is to be placed near other wood furnishings. Wood's natural look helps it to blend well with most surroundings. You can also choose from different shapes like round, rectangular, oval, and triangular for your plants and flowers.

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