Saturday, August 16, 2008

Samudra Mathana - At Thailand Airport

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As is well known - majority of the population in Malaysia , Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia etc., etc., are not Hindus –but they have the culture of respecting their forefathers who were Hindus -and also the Hindu Sanathana Dharma

which is unique and has no comparison.

Please see this beautiful exhibit – which is very meaningful and has a message to the Society.

Can we imagine putting up this kind of things in our Air Ports in India. There will be protests from so called secularists, minorities, pseudo secularists etc. etc. This is our culture .


As said in Devi Bhagawatha and Vishnu Purana - during the stage of Mother Earth formation – first mass of earth was in the shape of Koorma (Tortoise) which was formed out of series of churning in deep seas. Hence,symbolically first incarnation of Vishnu is called as Koormavatara'. After completion of this great churning process – both good and bad elements ( energies ) were released.................. This Koorma formation is nothing but GONDWANA (single mass of earth in first stage) – which was later, after millions & millions of years , disintegrated into different masses called " Continents" .

SO ALSO, VISHNU IS CALLED "ANANTHASHAYANA or KSHEERABDISHAYANA" . Meaning not Lord Vishnu is sleeping on Ocean of Milk. This is again a symbolic representation of Lord Vishnu in the form of Great Energy –spread across the Milkyway (cluster of Galaxies and infinite systems) .............

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