Friday, August 15, 2008

Interest rate down

Does she have her cousins over each time you plan a date?
Wake up dude, she’s not that into you!

Youngsters in love today have to be like Japanese technology companies – they have to believe in continuous improvement. Each date, each moment, each passing month should be filled with enough moments of spark such that the commitment levels keep growing and the interest never nosedives.

If the case is otherwise, there are full chances of one of the partners finding interest elsewhere, for this is the age of social networking. The odds are against the men here, since they haven't exactly been known as an observant species. In fact, most men do not notice the first signs of slackening interest. A really annoying thing for many is that all the clues were right there in front of you, but you didn't acknowledge them because you were so focused on the prize.

Well, you never need to make that mistake again, because we're here to spell out the top 10 signs she's not interested in you…

She declines invitations

A benefit of doubt can be given once, but multiple times is not okay. Maybe her story about a busy schedule is true, but unless she's going into the hospital to have a major surgery that evening, a girl is going to find a way to go out with a guy she's interested in. We're not advising you to give up on this girl if she turns you down once, but you may need to prepare yourself for an uphill struggle to win her affection.

You hardly know her friends

When it comes to dating, most girls want approval of their friends, especially their girl gang. If, after several dates, she still hasn't tried to exhibit you to one or more of her friends, it means she doesn't plan to develop any type of romantic relationship. Maybe she's spending time with you because she has no better alternatives at the moment, but take her "secrecy" about you as one of the signs.

She prefers her ‘gang’

If you get this girl to come out for some one-on-one time only once in a blue moon, there's obviously something wrong. There's very little room for romantic steering when she has her girl gang around, giggling and joking all the time, which is what she wants. This is a definite signs of her disinterest in you.

You hear about other men

Unless it's Hrithik Roshan or someone equally unattainable, her talk about other guys should cause you some concern. This girl's is clearly looking out for someone besides you, and this is a not-so-subtle way of letting you know that. If she has the nerve to ask you for relationship gyaan, she has likely placed you in the "trusted male friend" category. Either that or she's already playing mind games with you, which is a big red signal – thankfully, you can recognise this as a sign and take a decision.

She avoids intimate settings

Where she chooses to meet you says a lot. There's a huge difference between a quiet dinner at a romantic bistro or a drinking plan with 'colleagues' at a noisy lounge. If you ask her out for one and she suggests another, and this happens regularly, understand that as she doesn't want you to know that your friendship is leading anywhere, particularly the bedroom.

Secondly, consciously or not, if she hasn't made any physical contact with you, such as a brush on the arm or a pat on the thigh, count yourself out of the race.

The body lingo isn’t inspiring

The body language of a woman who is attracted to you is a telling sign of interest, and you will know it. But not many of you naïve dudes will notice when the signs are absent. Does she play with her hair, mirror your gestures, sit up straight and generally try to look her best around you? No? Wake up and take notice of her non-interest.

Your calls remain ‘missed’

If she's in a perpetual habit of not returning your calls, please, for your sake, take this as a major sign of her sinking interest and not as an amusing game. Don't convince yourself that she tried to call but the line was busy or anyther delusional rubbish.


Though our list is applicable to most PYTs in love, there also exists a type who likes to be hunted, and she needs to be considered beyond the scope of the above. For all you know, this woman could be desperately in love with you, but is reluctant to let you know it as a defense mechanism.

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