Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Most of us suffer from short term memory, oblivion or forgetfullness, the inability to focus with a low attention span. The load on our brain is ever on the increase while its power is constantly on the decrease. Here are some simple things we can do to kickstart that inactive part of our brain.

1. Think positive!

2. Try to think and be creative! Find a new hobby or learn something new. Be it a musical instrument or a foreign language. Draw, write, sing or even try self talking during leisure.

3. Master the art of observation. You can also do theme observations wherein you try to count the same colour, vehicle etc. as you observe. Learn to understand the common fallacies and criticize them healthily. Learn to apply good observations in your life.

4. Try to reason things out, limit procrastinations and learn logic.

5. Try to practise ambidexterity or whole brain thinking. For example, do things with the left hand which you normally do with your right.

5. Use less technology. For example, if you need to make calculations try not to use a calculator or even a paper.

6. Once in a while, do things differently forcing your dull brain to spring in to action for the challenge. If you can't think of anything, solve a puzzle, or go back and learn your Math.

7. Have brain foods. Wild salmon, acaiberries, blueberries, turmeric root spice, organic 100% cocoa, matcha (green tea powder), nuts, pumpkin seeds are good nourishments for your brain.

8. To avoid lethargy, eat a little less and avoid overeating.

9. Sleep well and when you need take a power nap.

10. Exercise well!

11. Meditate for better focus and concentration.

12. Learn to take things with a laugh. And laugh out when you can.

13. Multi tasking is fine. But do things one at a time for better concentration and application.

14. Read and write! Read more especially about the human brain, be curious, be competitive and be ready for a change.

15. Enjoy lucid dreaming. Read more about it as your new task. Learn a new thing at least once a week!

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