Thursday, July 22, 2010

Success Story

Four friends meet at a party. One of them had to go to restroom after drinks. The remaining three started taking about their kids.

1st man : My son started working in a company . Now he is the President of the company and he became so rich that he gifted a brand new Mercedes to his best friend for his birthday.

2nd man : My son started working in a big airline and then became a partner in the company . He is now so rich that he gave a new jet to his best friend .

3rd man : My son became an engineer and is a billionaire now . he gave a 30,000 sq. ft . large mansion to his best friend .

Just then the forth man returns from the restroom and asked : what r u guys discussing . one of them replied : We are talking about the success of our sons . what is your son doing .

4th man said : My son is a gay and makes a living by dancing as a stripper at the nightclub.

The 3 friends said : What a shame….

4th man said : I am not ashamed of him and he hasn’t done too bad for himself . It was his birthday a week back and he received a Mercedes , a jet and a 30,000 sq. ft . large mansion from his 3 boyfriends

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