Friday, May 02, 2008

How should you refuse a kiss

Sometimes its right to refuse

Stop flirting. Flirting gives off the impression to your partner that you want something further than just hand holding.

Try not to give off the wrong signals.

Shake your head. Try not to pull away when your girlfriend or boyfriend tries to kiss you. They will only be left feeling rejected and your partner won’t really want to try to kiss you later on in your relationship.

Be honest. Tell your partner honestly that you are not really ready to kiss yet and that you will let him or her know when you will be later on. Honesty is the best route in this situation.

Tell your partner that you don’t like to kiss early in the relationship. If they try anyways and don’t abide by your wishes, then this person is not worthy of your time and, of course, your kiss.

Be kind to your girlfriend or boyfriend after you refuse their kiss. Let them know you still like him or her by hugging and holding hands. This way, your partner will not feel completely rejected.

Move away from your girlfriend or boyfriend. Turn your head if necessary and explain you are not ready yet. If this person cares about you, then he or she will stop trying and wait for you to make the move.

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